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Valuation of balance sheet accounts

Use the code letters listed below (a - l) to indicate, for each balance sheet item (1 - 13) listed below the usual valuation reported on the balance sheet.
1. Common stock
2. Prepaid expenses
3. Natural resources
4. Property, plant, and equipment
5. Trade accounts receivable
6. Copyrights
7. Merchandise inventory
8. Long-term bonds payable
9. Land (in use)
10. Land (future plant site)
11. Patents
12. Trading securities
13.Trade accounts payable

a. Par value
b. Current cost of replacement
c. Amount payable when due, less unamortized discount or plus unamortized premium
d. Amount payable when due
e. Market value at balance sheet date
f. Net realizable value
g. Lower of cost or market
h. Original cost less accumulated amortization
i. Original cost less accumulated depletion
j. Original cost less accumulated depreciation
k. Historical cost
l. Unexpired or unconsumed cost

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1. Common stock is reported at par. When sold at more than par, the additional amount is reported at cost as additional paid in capital.
2. Prepaid expenses are reported at unexpired or unconsumed cost.
3. Natural resources are valued at i.
4. Property, plant, and equipment is valued at ...

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