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    Are 30 year Treasury Bonds or 90-day Treasury bills risk less?

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    a. Suppose you own $1 million worth of 30-year Treasury bonds. Is this asset riskless?

    b. You own $1 million worth of 90-day Treasury bills. You "roll over" this investment every
    90 days by reinvesting the proceeds in another issue of 90-day Treasury bills. Is this investment riskless?

    c. Can you think of an asset that is truly riskless?

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    a. No, this is not riskless. 30 years is a long time. The US government can collapse in 30 years. Also, you have cash tied up for 30 years. There must be a liquidity premium associated with this ...

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    The solution explores the concept of truly risk less assets. It argues that there are indeed no true risk less assets. The solution goes into some detail in order to explain this.