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    Rate of return on a bond

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    How do I find N (number of periods)for the bond? I think this is why I don't understand how to work out the problem. Please answer in xls and explain how to do this.

    It is January 2005, and you observe the following price quote:

    BK Corp. 5 1/2s28Dec Close 92 3/4

    1. Suppose interest rates were to fall by 1.5% over the next year. What would be the rate of return from buying the bond today, holding it for one year, and selling it at its new market price?

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    In this case, since we are interested in only 1 year, we do not need the N. Otherwise, N is the multiplication of years to maturity and the coupoun payment frequency. ...

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    The solution explains how to calculate the holding period return on a bond.