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Bond Valuation comparison of a 1 year and a 15 year bond

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An investor has two bonds in his portfolio that both have a face value of $1,000 and pay a 10% annual coupon. Bond L matures in 15 years, while Bond S matures in 1 year.

A. What will the value of each bond be if the going interest rate is 5%, 8%, and 12%. Assume that there is only one more interest payment to be made on Bond S, at its maturity, and 15 more payments on Bond L.

B. Why does the longer-term bond's price vary more when interest rates change than does that of the shorter-term bond?

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Please see the attached Excel spreadsheet.

Bond L Bond S Bond L Value Bond S Value
Par Value $1,000 $1,000
Maturity Date 15 1
Annual Coupon Payments $100 $100
Market Interest Rate 5% 5% ($1,037.97) ($95.24)
Market Interest ...

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The values of bonds with different interest rates are calculated. An explanation of why longer term bond prices vary more wen interest rates change than shorter term bonds is given.