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    Bond Maturity and Yield

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    JRJ Corporation recently issued 10-year bonds at a price of $1,000. These bonds pay $60 in interest each six months. Their price has remained stable since they were issued, i.e., they still sell for $1,000. Due to additional financing needs, the firm wishes to issue new bonds that would have a maturity of 10 years, a par value of $1,000, and pay $40 in interest every six months. If both bonds have the same yield, how many new bonds must JRJ issue to raise $2,000,000 cash?

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    The yield on 10 year bonds = 6% as the bonds with 6% coupon are selling at ...

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    This solution has step-by-step calculations to determine the price of the new bond and number of bonds issued by using the variables of PV of par value repayment and PV of interest payments.