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    Requirements needed to become a very successful auditor

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    Explain what you believe to be the additional requirements a graduate accountant needs to become a very successful auditor.

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    For purposes of this discussion, it is assumed that the auditor-to-be has sufficient educational requirements for the career position, as well as a keen interest in the type of work. One of the best qualities is experience, but that is developed over time.

    Following are a list of what I believe to be very important and mostly critical qualities to become a very good auditor:

    1. Being a curious person who wants to understand processes and results in the operation of businesses.

    2. Possessing personal integrity and open-mindedness that befits a professional person.

    3. Displaying ...

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    The referenced solution presents a listing of 10 types of skills to be a good auditor. Each skill is addressed in a sentence or two.