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    Bank Reconciliation Preparation

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    Bank Reconciliation

    A local bank began charging $2.50 each month for returning cancelled checks. The bank also has an $8.00 maintenance fee if a checking account slips below $750. Donna Sands likes to have copies of her cancelled checks for preparing for income tax. She has received her bank statement with a balance of $535.85. Donna received $2.68 in interest and has been charged for the cancelled checks and the maintenance fee. The following checks were outstanding: No. 94, #121.16; No. 96, $106.30; No. 98, $210.12; and No. 99, $64.84. A deposit of $765.69 was not recorded on Donna's bank Statement. Her checkbook shows a balance of $806.94. Prepare Donna's bank Reconciliation.

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    Bank reconciliation preparation for Donna is given. The solution examines services charges in a bank.