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    bank reconciliation

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    A review of the November 30 bank statement and other data of Jones Company reveals the following:

    1. Balance per bank statement on November 30 - $20,200
    2. Balance per books on November 30 - $14,388
    3. NSF Check from J. Smith in payment of account - $220
    4. Collection of $3,605 note receivable that had not been recorded by the company - $3,605
    5. Deposits in transit at November 30 - $2,800
    6. Outstanding checks at November 30 - $5,400
    7. A check written by Jones to Green for equipment on November 10 was
    recorded at $463 but correctly cleared the bank at $436.
    8. A check drawn on the account of Johns Company for $200 was mistakenly
    charged against Jones' account by the bank.

    Instructions: Prepare the November 30 (a) bank reconciliation (omit heading) and (b) related journal entries.


    Amount Amount
    Balance per bank statement $20,200 Balance per books $14,388

    Adjusted balance per bank $_____ Adjusted balance per books $_____

    (b) ENTRIES:

    Account Titles Debit Credit

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