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    Audit managers

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    Joe Accountant and Mary Supervisor are very busy in meeting some deadlines in their department. The have been under a great deal of pressure to meet the deadlines. All week long they have worked long hours. It is Thursday afternoon and Rudy Auditor comes in and says to Mary that he needs certain files and reports by Monday morning so he can meet his audit deadline on a phase of the audit. Mary says she will do her best but can not promise they will be ready by Monday. As soon as Rudy leaves Mary's office Joe begins complaining about how auditors are interfering with his and Mary's important work. Mary agrees that they are an unnecessary pain. Rudy reports back to Susy Audit Manager that the information needed Monday may not be ready as Mary was not being very cooperative. Susy tells Rudy that these company employees do not know what is important. There is a problem here. What should the CFO of the company do? What should the audit manager from the audit firm do?

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    If the CFO of the company is aware of the problems that are occuring between the auditors, the accountants, and the supervisors, he needs to speak with the CEO or top level supervisor so that they can address the managers of each department to discuss ways that the audit can be completed, along with ensuring that other areas of work are being completed efficiently and successfully. The problem for the CFO is that he has no control on every aspect of the company. The CFO only has ...

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