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    MacGregor's Theory X and Theory Y

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    Some theorists believe that people are basically trustworthy and that controls are unnecessary and counterproductive. Others believe that people are untrustworthy and we need to look over their shoulder. These are Douglas MacGregor's Theory X and Theory Y. What is your opinion on this complex issue?

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    Here's a little background info for you... The Human Relations Movement consisted of observing employee behavior, analyzing manager-employee relations and implementing an improved workplace for employees. The movement brought about positive changes in employee performance and, thus, improvement in production and/or service. Although the Hawthorne Legacy became the foundation for the movement, it presented with little evidence to support the initial conclusions. After the ...

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    This solution provides background on the Human Relations Movement for the student. It also mentions the Hawthorne Legacy. The solution includes the OTA's personal opinion/experience on MacGregor's theories. The explanation is given in 290 words.