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Finance: PV and FV calculations for a cruise, savings account and new boat purchase

Time Value of Money-An Application

Please answer the following questions. SHOW ALL WORK AND EXPLAIN EACH STEP CAREFULLY.

1. You would like to take a cruise in six years. The cruise currently costs $4,250. You expect the price to increase by 4% annually. You can earn 5% on your savings. How much do you need to save at the end of each month so you will be able to afford your cruise in six years?

2. You invest $250 in your savings account at the end of each year and earn an average of 6% per year in interest. How much will you have in your savings account at the end of forty years?

3. You want to have $40,000 to buy a new boat in six years. How much do you have to save at the end of each year to reach this goal if you earn 5% a year on your savings?

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