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    Accounting: variable costing method

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    The following data relate to Venture Company, a new corporation, during a period when the firm produced and sold 100,000 units and 90,000 units, respectively:
    -Direct Materials Used $400,000
    -Direct Labor $200,000
    -Fixed Manufacturing Overhead $250,000
    -Variable Manufacturing Overhead $120,000
    -Fixed Selling and Administrative Expenses $300,000
    -Variable Selling and Administrative Expenses $45,000

    The company met its original planned production target of 100,000 units. There were no variances during the period, and the firm's selling price is $15 per unit.

    A. What is the cost of Venture's end-of-period finished-goods inventory under the variable-costing method?
    B. Calculate the company's variable-costing net income.
    C. Calculate the company's absorption-costing net income.

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