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    TPC Inc sold investment land. Gain to be recognized in 2008

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    In 2007, TPC Inc. sold investment land with a $474,000 book and tax basis for $775,000. The purchaser paid $100,000 in cash and gave TPC a note for the $675,000 balance of the price. In 2008, TPC received a $105,500 payment on the note ($67,500 principal + $38,000 interest). Assuming that TPC is using the installment sale method,
    compute its gain recognized in 2008.

    A. $26,216
    B. $40,976
    C. $67,500
    D. None of the above

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    For tax reporting, the Form 6252 is used to calculate the amount of taxable gain to be reported.

    Selling price is 775,000
    Basis is 474,000

    Gain is ...

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