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Stillmore Investigations, Sweeney & Associates,

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For Stillmore Investigations, Sweeney & Associates,


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For Stillmore Investigations, Sweeney & Associates,

Chapter 4 Text Assignment Legend:
Enter your name below, starting in first column only = enter information
= number given
NAME = enter answer
Graded points out of 40

Part 1
Refer to Exercise 4.1 (Page 151 Text) Accounting Terminology

Enter the appropriate letter or enter "NONE" for any term not defined in the box to the left of
the terms. Use definitions lettered "A" thru "H" on page4

Deduct 2 for wrong answer out of 70
D = Unrecorded revenue
A = Book value
F = Unearned revenue
E = Adjusting entries
C = Matching principle
none = Materiality
none = Accrued expenses
H = Accumulated depreciation
G = Prepaid expenses

Part 2
Refer to Exercise 4.4 (Page 152 Text) Preparing Adjusting Entries. . . . .
Carnival ...

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