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    Refusing to deduct a donation on Schedule A

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    Many philanthropists do not want to deduct their charitable contributions on their Schedule A as they feel that they should not be rewarded for what they are supposed to do. What do you think about this thought process? How could you convince someone that they should deduct their charitable contributions?

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    While everyone holds their own opinions regarding charity, kindness, and related acts, it really needs to be put into perspective (in my opinion). I could extend the argument being made by this person to other deductions. If I shouldn't use charity as a deduction because it somehow "takes away" from the benefit, I could also say that I shouldn't use any education or tuition related expenses (into the thousands for college), due to the ...

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    This solution provides a detailed discussion regarding the use of charitable deductions on Schedule A. The issue from a tax standpoint and from a philanthropic standpoint is considered.