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    Performance Reporting and Flexible Budgeting

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    Performance reporting and flexible budgeting. For the stamping department of a manufacturing firm, the standard cost for direct labor is $12 per hour, and the production standard calls for 1,000 stampings per hour. During June, 168 hours were required for actual production of 148,000 stampings. Actual direct labor cost for the stamping department for June was $2,184.

    a. Complete the following performance report for June:
    Flexed Budget Actual Budget Variance
    b. Analyze the budget variance by calculating the direct labor efficiency and rate variances for June.
    c. What alternatives to the preceding monthly report could improve control over the stamping department's direct labor?

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    a. The flexed budget would be what you should spend on labor given the production level. In this case: you should have used 148,000 / 1,000 = 148 hours to make the 148,000 stampings x $12 per hour ...

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