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Lueckenhoff Corporation: What are the sources uses of cash

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Lueckenhoff Corporation's most recent balance sheet appears below:
Ending Balance Beginning Balance
Cash $34 $29
Accounts Receivable 44 41
Inventory 72 60
Property, Plant, and Equipment 610 550
Accumulated Depreciation 274 229
Accounts Payable 32 28
Bonds Payable 305 400
Common Stock 51 50
Retained Earnings 98 (27)

The company's net income for the year was $153 and it did not sell or retire any property, plant, and equipment during the year.
What are the sources and uses of cash during the period?
What amount of dividends were paid during the year?

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Your tutorial creates the full indirect cash flow statement in excel (click in cells to see computations). This is now a template for future problems.

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