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    Internal failure cost

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    1. Which of the following costs would be classified as an internal failure cost on a quality report?

    A. Reliability Engineering

    B. Materials inspection

    C. Rework

    D. Warranty repairs

    E. Out-of-court liability settlements.

    2. All of the following concepts are related to environmental management (cost and otherwise) except:

    A. dynamic programming efforts.

    B. sustainable development.

    C. monitoring costs.

    D. abatement costs.

    E. remediation costs.

    3. Which of the following performance measures is (are) used to evaluate the financial success or failure of investment centers?

    A. Residual income.

    B. ROI

    C. Number of suppliers.

    D. Economic value added

    E. All of the above measures are used except "C".

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