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    Integer programming: The Skimmer Boat Company

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    Using excel, please solve the following

    The Skimmer Boat Company manufacturer's three kinds of molded fiberglass recreational boats-a bass fishing boat, a ski boat, and a speedboat. The profit for a bass boat is $20,500, the profit for a ski boat is $12,000, and the profit for a speedboat is $22,300. The company believes it will sell more bass boats that the other two boats combined, but no more than twice as many. The ski boat is its standard production model, and bass boats and speedboats are modifications. The company has production capacity to manufacturer 210 standard (ski-type) boats, however, a bass boat requires 1.3 times the standard production capacity, and speedboat requires 1.5 times the normal production capacity. In addition, only 160 of the high-powered engines that are installed in the bass boats, and two pf which are installed in the speedboats, are available. The company wants to know how many boats of each type to produce to maximize profit. Formulate and solve an integer programming model for this problem.

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    The formulation of the integer programming problem is the following.

    We have to maximize total profits. Calling X1 to the number of bass boats produced, X2 to the number of ski boats and X3 to the number of speedboats, we have:

    Max 20500*X1 + 12000*X2 + 22300*X3

    Now let's write the ...

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