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Gross Profit, Manufacturing costs and Overhead

Calculate gross profit for the period in question.

Beginning Direct Materials $25,000
Ending Direct Materials 30,000
Beginning Goods in Process 55,000
Ending Goods in Process 64,000
Beginning Finished Goods 80,000
Ending Finished Goods 67,000
Cost of Goods Sold for the period 540,000
Sales revenues for the period 1,254,000
Operating expenses for the period 232,000

The three major cost components of a manufactured product are
a. The three major cost components of a manufactured product are
b. Indirect labor, indirect materials, and miscellaneous factory expenses.
c. Direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead.
d. Differential costs, opportunity costs, and sunk costs.
e. General, selling, and administrative costs.

Which of the following costs would not be classified as factory overhead
a. Property taxes on maintenance machinery.
b. Expired insurance on factory equipment.
c. Wages of the factory janitor
d. Metal doorknobs used on wood cabinets produced
e. Small tools used in production.

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1. We use the following equation to calculate the gross profit
Cost of goods sold = Beginning finished goods inventory + cost of goods ...

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