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Gov and Nonprofit Accounting


7. Budgetary accounts used in the General Fund include Estimated Revenues, Revenues, Appropriations, Encumbrances, and Expenditures.

8. An encumbrance represents the estimated liability for goods placed on order.

9. Government-wide financial statements do not include funds.

10. Revenues and expenditures reported in the budgetary comparison schedule must be reported on the budget basis in the "budget" column and on the GAAP basis in the "actual" column.

11. The amounts reported for revenues and expenditures in the "Actual" column of the budgetary comparison schedule or statement may differ from those reported in the Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balance prepared on a GAAP basis due to timing, entity, or perspective differences.

12. Governmental funds have always been reported on the economic resources measurement focus.

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7. False. Of the accounts listed only Estimated Revenues, Appropriations, and Encumbrances are budgetary accounts; Revenues and Expenditures are temporary accounts that also will be closed out to Fund Balance at the end of a fiscal period, but they are not "budgetary accounts."

8. True. This definition captures the essence of the term Encumbrance.

9. True. ...

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