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    Flag Corporation

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    Flag Corporation acquired all of the net assets of Banner Company in a merger and recognized goodwill of $92,000 in recording the transaction. At the end of the current fiscal year, Flag Corporation is testing the goodwill for impairment. The fair value of the reporting unit with which the goodwill is identified is $940,000, and the fair value of the identifiable net assets excluding goodwill is $910,000. The carrying value of the reporting unit is $950,000.

    a) Test for impairment of goodwill and determine the amount, if any, of impairment loss to be recognized in the financial statements.
    b) What amount should appear in the combined companies' balance sheet for goodwill at year-end?

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    Step 1: FMV of Goodwill = 940,000 - 910,000 = 30,000. Carrying value = 950,000 - 910,000 = 40,000. Since ...

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