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Factory Overhead, Actual Costs and Normal Costs

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Please help with the following problem about accounting. Provide step by step calculations.

Jo Company actually incurred $400,000 of factory overhead during 2011. On January 1, 2011, Jo expected to incur $500,000 in factory overhead and to work 80,000 direct labor hours during the year. 100,000 hours were actually worked during 2011. Jo's normal cost of goods sold was $1,000,000.

Was factory overhead over applied or under applied during the year, and why?
What was the amount of over or under applied overhead?
What was Jo's actual cost of goods sold?
Why is normal cost of goods sold different from actual cost of goods sold?

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This solution helps with a question about factory overhead over or under applied, actual cost of good sold, normal cost of good sold. Step by step calculations are provided.

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Was factory overhead over applied or under applied during the year, and why?
Overapplied. The actual number of hours is much more than the expected. ...

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