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division's ROI

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Explain three ways a Division manager could improve the division's ROI. Use numbers to illustrate these possibilities.

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The expert explains three ways a division manager could improve the division's ROI. The response addresses the queries posted in 546 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 546 words with references.

The paper includes the introduction that defines the return on investment with the help of an example. The concept of return on investment is discussed in the paper with the help of examples.

Return on investment is the most common profitability ratio that can be determined by various methods. It is most probably used to divide the total assets in terms of net profit. To find the return on investment, it requires the value of total assets and net profit. As an example, if the value of the total assets of any company is $300,000 and the value of net profit is $100,000 then the ROI would be .33 or 33 percent. Return on investment mainly deals with the investment and expected return on the money invested in the business (Phillips, 2001).

This section includes three ways through which, a division manager could improve the division's return on investment

Return on ...

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