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    Direct/Indirect Materials

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    Question 18:

    Bottum Corporation, a manufacturing company, has provided data concerning its operations for May. The beginning balance in the raw materials account was $21,500 and the ending balance was $36,700. Raw materials purchases during the month totaled $63,200. Manufacturing overhead cost incurred during the month was $111,900, of which $2,500 consisted of raw materials classified as indirect materials. The direct materials cost for May was:





    Question 19:

    Washtenaw Corporation uses a job-order costing system. The following data are for last year:
    Estimated direct labor-hours 12,900
    Estimated manufacturing overhead costs $43,344
    Actual direct labor-hours 10,500
    Actual manufacturing overhead costs $36,800

    Washtenaw applies overhead using a predetermined rate based on direct labor-hours. What amount of overhead was applied to work in process last year?





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