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Company Financials

What you might do in the following scenario.

You have been offered a job in the suburbs on the side of town you live on. It is for more money than you are making and will be 9-5, five days a week instead of overtime at your current job. The company is small and privately held. The company you work for now is a large established public company in the area with a large customer base.

Should you take the job?

More importantly, what, if any, type of financial information would you require for review as a basis for making your decision? Consider the accounting concepts.

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You will need to evaluate a number of different things:
1. You will need to first determine your future goal in life. You may be very happy in your present job and may not want to change jobs at all. Thus, you need to evaluate each job qualitatively to ensure that the culture and work are a good fit with your ...

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