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    Classification of accounts

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    A) Place a mark in the appropriate column to indicate the type of account
    B) Place a mark in the appropriate column to indicate on which financial statement that account is reported.

    Financial Statement
    Type of Account: Asset Liability Equity Revenue Expense Income Statement Balance Sheet

    Wages Payable
    Accounts Receivable
    Retained Earnings
    Supplies used
    Sales (for cash)
    Accumulated Depreciation
    Loan from Bank
    Owners' Invest.
    Sales (on credit)
    Bonds Payable
    Unearned revenue
    Wages Earned by Employees
    Utilities Consumed

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    Solution Summary

    The solution classifies accounts according to type (Asset, Liability, Equity, Revenue, Expense) and indicates on which financial statement (Income Statement, Balance Sheet) that account is reported.