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    Budgeted vs actual costs (Hempstead Corporation)

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    Hempstead Corporation plans to manufacture 8,000 units over the next month at the following costs: direct materials, $480,000; direct labor, $60,000; variable manufacturing overhead, $150,000; and fixed manufacturing overhead, $300,000. The last amount, which includes $24,000 of straight-line depreciation, resulted in a total budget of $990,000.

    Shortly after the conclusion of the month, Hempstead reported the following costs:
    Direct Materials---- $490,500
    Direct Labor ---69,600
    Variable Manufacturing overhead ---- 132,000
    Depreciation --- 24,000
    Other fixed Manufacturing Overhead ----- 272,000

    Howard Krueger and his crews turned out 7,200 units--a remarkable feat given that the firm's manufacturing plant was closed for several days because of blizzards and impassable roads. Krueger was especially pleased with the fact that total actual costs were less than budget. He was thus very surprised when Hempstead's general manager expressed unhappiness about the plant's financial performance.

    A. Prepare a performance report that fairly compares budgeted and actual costs for the period just ended--namely, the report that the general manager likely used when assessing performance.

    B. Should Krueger be praised for "having met the budget" or is the general manager's unhappiness justified? Explain, citing any apparent problems for the firm

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