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    Accounting Memo

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    You are a manager responsible for introducing new employees to their teammates. Having recently accepted a promotion, you have decided to write a memo for the new manager who will replace you. The new manager is an accountant with limited background in group communication.

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    FROM: Manager
    TO: New Manager:
    DATE: July 14, 2011
    SUBJECT: Introducing new employees to teammates.
    The introduction of new employees to their team mates is a critical part of retaining the new employees. One of the main reasons why employees leave their jobs after a short period of time is that they have not been properly introduced to their colleagues. I have written this memo to convey some of the essential requirements for a good introduction of new employees to their team mates.
    Your responsibility will be to introduce the new employees personally to each member of their team. Please do not stop at simply announcing their names but also mention their past achievements, their skills, and experience. An e-mail mentioning the qualifications, skills, and experience will ensure that the employee gets a warm welcome when you take them personally to their team mates. The interaction with every person should involve at least one business related issue, and one work/safety issue. This discussion is effective in removing barriers of communication between the new employee and her team mates. It is ...

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