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Accounting: Double entry

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Hi, please assist me with this group project.

Complete the answer sheet with the column headings shown here. For each of the following transactions or adjustments, indicate the effect of the transaction or adjustment on the appropriate balance sheet category and on net income by selecting for each account affected the account name and amount and indicating whether it is an addition (+) or a subtraction (-). Net income is not affected by every transaction. In some cases only one column may be affected because all of the specific accounts affected by the transaction are included in that category. Can you explain why you chose your answers? This would help me to explain to group members.

a. Accrued interest income of $15 on a note receivable.
b. Recorded estimated bad debts in the amount of $775.
c. Wrote off an overdue account receivable of $534.
d. Converted a customer's $1,275 overdue account receivable into a note.
e. Accrued $54 of interest earned on the note (in d).
f. Collected the accrued interest (in e).
g. Recorded $3,600 of sales, 75% of which were on account.
h. Recognized cost of goods sold in the amount of $2,880.

Transaction Current Asset Current Liabilities Stockholders Equity Net come

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The question deals with double entry classification in accounting.

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