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Where the AAA Account Should be Reported on Form 1120S

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Where is the AAA account reported on Form 1120S?

In what situation does the AAA account have the largest impact?

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This solution explains where the AAA account should be reported on the form 1120S, and in what situations the AAA account has the largest impact. Additionally, this solution includes a complete list of reference sources for further investigation of the topic.

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Where is the AAA account reported on Form 1120S?

The accumulated Adjustments Accounts (AAA) account is reported on schedule M-2 line 7 under column (a) in Form 1120S. Schedule M-2 provides a worksheet for reconciling the starting and finishing tax balances for the AAA, Other Adjustments Accounts and previous taxed income (Jamison, 2010).

M-2 is convenient in its computations as long as an S computation has no accumulated earnings and profits since there is no place in ...

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