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    Calculating total percentage return on stock

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    If I had a stock and it has an initial price of $83.00 per share, paid a dividend of 1.40 per share during the year and had an ending share price of 91.00. What is the percentage total return?

    As an extension, what was the dividend yield and the capital gains yield?

    Lastly, please help rework problems 1 and 2 assuming the ending share price is $76.00

    Thank you!

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    Share Price = $83

    Dividend = $1.4

    Ending Price = $91

    % total return= (ending price - initial price + dividend ) / initial price

    = (91 - 83 + 1.4) / 83 = ...

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    This solution contains step-by-step calculations to determine the percentage total return, dividend yield and the capital gains yield.