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NAFTA: should it be repealed?

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Please help answer the following problem. Include references in the solution.

Discuss whether NAFTA should be repealed. Why or why not?

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The following posting discusses whether the North American Free Trade Agreement should be repeated. References are included in the solution. The explanation is given in 278 words.

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Problem: Discuss whether NAFTA should be repealed. Why or why not?

NAFTA should not be repealed. The agreement has opened up markets in Mexico. The NAFTA has been responsible for improving the lives of people and reducing poverty in Mexico. Also, NAFTA has led to substantial income gains and tax cuts for the US taxpayers. The trade free bloc has been responsible for 20 million jobs in the US between 1993 and 2000. Now when the US needs more jobs than ever, NAFTA should not be repealed. Mexico also gained because there was an increase of 24% in Mexico's per capita income. In the year 2007, the United State exported $136.5 billion worth of goods to Mexico. Now when the USA needs to ...

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