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    Learning a language can enrich our lives and speaking skills. It is not an opportunity to increase your employability, but also a way to connect with people on a foreign trip. Reading literature can take to the infinite journeys of incredible theories, memorable stories, and cultural interaction. English is one of the languages we all learn in our lives at some point. It is the universal business language. It gives you the confidence to communicate efficiently.

    Some people have reservations about learning a new language. They don’t consider it an adequate use of their time and energy. People are more encouraged to take lessons of a language which is widely spoken locally in the area where they are living.

    There are numerous benefits of learning the English language. We will look into the advantages people have by learning this language.

    1. Communication in a Foreign Language
    It is exciting to learn a language other than your local language. You are able to connect with the literary personalities of different cultures who spoke English. It is also a great opportunity to communicate to a wider population.

    2. Enhanced Problem Solving Skills
    A lot of people are not aware that if you learn English, you are entitled to increase your learning and problem-solving abilities. It includes creative hypothesis, design, abstract thinking skills and building new concepts. Recent studies have shown that learning the English language stimulates your multitasking skills and aids you to filter out distractions and extra information.

    3. Increase Digital Understanding
    As we all are aware that most of the websites and mobile application are designed primarily in English. Being able to read, write and speak in English makes an individual to abbreviate the gap with modern technology. It is also suggested that English language learners have increased mental ability to get ahead of the technological world and cope up with the constant changes in the digital world. Intelligence assisted by the apt understanding of the English language gives an ability to the person to accommodate the existing realities of the existing institutions.

    4. Memorable Travel Experiences
    English is considered the universal official language of the world. Many countries around the world have English as their official language. Individuals who travel to different countries prefer to speak in English. It is a language of choice and easily understandable. Even the local vendors and employees in customer services of the hotels learn English to adequately cater to the needs of the tourists. It is observed by the travelers that the local individuals are keen to learn English language and enjoy speaking it.

    5. Language with Diverse Literary Background
    Writers from all around the world prefer to write in English as it is a widely spoken and written language. It makes English literature so diverse that it can open new worlds of imagination and give you a unique perspective on everyday issues. English Literature is so fascinating that it caters to all kinds of readers from novels, poetry, science fiction, modernization theories and history of Victorian times. English language enriches your experiences and opens new doors for learning and development for you.

    6. Largest Spoken Language
    English is spoken by 300 million individuals around the globe. It is declared to be the third most commonly spoken language after Chinese and Spanish. 20% of people can read, speak and understand English in the world. Due to its popularity, it is widely learned language by students and professional employees. Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom has English as its Official spoken and written language. It is also used by the United Nations, the Olympic Committee and the European Union as a co-official language.

    7. Cultural Perspective of English Language
    The English Language gives a unique cultural perspective to the non-native speakers of the language. The language opens the window of your soul by giving you an option of studying art, economics, literature, and philosophy. English Comedy is a lot more understanding and entertaining when you are able you understand British culture and customs. Oscar Wilde’s narration of an ideal individual is how he can show his attitude to people he doesn’t like and stills speak to them politely. So, you will never be able to understand the pearls of Oscar Wilde’s writings like “An Ideal Husband” of you are not aware of the English Language.

    8. English as a workout for your Brain
    Recent studies have concluded that learning the English language if you are not a native English speaker can stimulate the functioning of your brain in a positive dimension. As a result, you are gifted with increased creative skills, better problem-solving activities, and a sharper mind. Bilinguals have a great edge in understanding complex concepts and diverse viewpoints of cultures worldwide. One of the studies published in the New York Times suggests that Bilinguals who have higher degrees are more impervious to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

    Learning English is an essential feature of these times. It will be there to help you if you have to fill a form, go out for groceries or learn an online course related to your studies. With the advancement of internet, individuals can speak, write and read to each other online. The mode of communication enhances your language skills. English Language has not only hidden treasures of literature but will also help you with your potential employers. So, challenge yourself today to gain the above benefits of taking advantage of learning English. It will be a way of achieving astonishing results.