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    Stats prob, show all work, steps and calculations, no excel please

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    1.A recent study was designed to compare smoking habits of young women with those of young men. A random sample of 150 women revealed that 45 smoked. A random sample of 100 men indicated that 25 smoked. At the .05 significance level does the evidence show that a higher proportion of women smoke?

    2. A travel agency selected samples of hotels from each of three major chains and recorded the occupancy rate for each hotel on specific date. The occupancy rate is the percentage of the total number of rooms that were occupied the previous night. The results are as follows:
    Holiday Inn Best Western Comfort inn
    58% 69% 72%
    57 67 80
    67 62 84
    63 69 94
    61 77 86
    Do these data suggest any difference in occupancy rates? Use the .05 significance level. Assume that the percentages of occupancy rates are not normally distributed.

    3. US Navy is interested if the basic training improves fitness for sailors based on the body fat measurements before and after. 5 sailors were selected and results in % body fat are listed below:
    Before training After training
    Subject 1 8 6
    Subject 2 11 10
    Subject 3 13 15
    Subject 4 9 7
    Subject 5 10 10
    Conduct a test (significance level =.05) to check if the basic training reduces the body fat.
    Assume that the body fat for sailors follows a Normal distribution.

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