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Statistical significance and meaningfulness?

What is the difference between significance and meaningfulness? Which one is more important to experimental results and why do you think so?

I have this thus far:
"Significance is any difference between groups that is due to a systematic influence rather than chance. Therefore it must be assumed that all other factors that might contribute to differences are controlled. Significance level is where a risk is associated with not being 100% positive. For example what has occurred in the experiment is a result of what you did or what is being tested. Therefore, the goal is to eliminate competing reasons for differences as much as possible. Statistical significance is where the degree of risk you are willing to take that you will reject a null hypothesis when it is actually true. "

Can you elaborate so it easier understood?

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Hi there,

Thanks for letting me work on your post. Here is my explanation:

When we make comparison between two groups, whether the difference is significant or not is largely dependent on the significance level alpha. In a scientific term, significance level alpha is the ...

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The differences between significance and meaningfulness is given. The most important to experimental results are determined.