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    Working with stress, strain and Hooke's Law.

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    An 1800 kg car, being lifted at a steady speed by a crane, hangs at the end of a cable whose radius is 6.0 * 10^-3 m. The cable is 15m in length and stretches by 8.0 *10^-3 m because of the weight of the car. Find:

    (a) the stress
    (b) the strain
    (c) Young's modulus for the cable

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    a) Stress is the stretching equivalent of pressure -- it is a force per unit area. Here, the force of the car hanging is mg - that is mass times the pull of gravity, or about 17640 N. This makes the ...

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    This solution briefly explains stress, strain, and Young's modulus, and includes calculations of each for the problem.