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Speed, Collisions, and Circles

I've been working all morning on them need help, I'm not sure they are right.

Please see attached for problems.


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I had in mind a way to get the initial answers to you and still work on the problem in the most direct manner without waiting on a human factor at brainmass communication to send materials onward. I was thinking you should leave this one and place an additional request at the level of three credits but that is immaterial. We can try that idea out the next time.

Problem 1 This is a conservation of momentum illustration with the sum of initial momenta equaling the sum of final momenta. The inelastic collision does result in a change in the kinetic energy of the system. I work through this problem in the pdf ...

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The solution includes detailed step-by-step calculations for a number of physics problems that encompass a number of topics including speed, collisions, and circles.