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    A car can accelerate from rest to 25 m/sec in 12 seconds on a level road. The weight of the car is 10,000 newtons. Determine (a) power used in the acceleration in Kw. (b) Maximum speeed it will be able to maintain on an uphill road of angle 30 degrees. (c) Work done by the force during the first 5 seconds from start. (d) average force acting on the car in part (a).

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    a) Weight=mg= 10000 Newtons
    g= 9.81 m/s^2
    Therefore mass= 1019.37 Kg

    Force=ma= 2120.29

    Change inKE when the car is travelling at a speed of 25 m/s= 318553.125 Joules
    =1/2 m V^2 -0 as the initial spped is ...

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    The solution calculates power, maximum speed, work done, average force when a car accelerates from rest.