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    Working with Point Charges - Potential Energy

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    Two point charges each of magnitude 2.00 ìC are located on the x axis. One is at x = 1.00 m, and the other is at x = -1.00 m.
    (a) Determine the electric potential on the y axis at y = 0.500 m.
    (b) Calculate the change in electric
    potential energy of the system as a third charge of
    -3.00 ìC is brought from infinitely far away
    to a position on the y axis at y = 0.500 m.

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    Potential at y = 0.5m is the sum of the potentials of both the charges.
    <br>V(y=0.5) = Q/(4 pi * E_0)R + Q/(4 pi * E_0)R
    <br>where E_o = permitivity of free space and R is the distance from the charge to the point.
    <br>from the attached figure, we get, using Pythagorous theorem,
    <br>R = Sqrt[1^2 + 0.5^2] = sqrt[1.25] = 1.12m
    <br>Also we know, 1/(4 pi E_o) = k = 9 * 10^9
    <br>Thus, V at the ...

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