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    Physics: mover's dolly transports a refrigerator up a ramp

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    A mover's dolly is used to transport a refrigerator up a ramp into a house. The refrigerator has a mass of 108 kg. The ramp is 2.10 m long and rises 0.850 m. The mover pulls the dolly with a force of 508 N up the ramp. The dolly and ramp constitute a machine.

    (a) What work does the mover do?
    ________ J
    (b) What is the work done on the refrigerator by the machine?
    ________ J
    (c) What is the efficiency of the machine?
    __________ %

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    Work done by the mover = Applied force * distance that he pulls the refrigerator-dolly ...

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    The expert examines how mover's use a dolly to transport a refrigerator up a ramp.