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    A non linear force does work. By integration, find the work done between given limits.

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    A perfectly elastic rubber framework is stretched by a force applied to its end. This force as a function of the x coordinate of the end is:
    (1) F = 52.8 x + 38.4 x^2

    PART a. By integration, find the work done by this applied force from position x1=.5 m to x2= 1 m.

    PART b. With the end at position x2, a frictionless mass of M= 2.17 kg is attached to the end. Upon release the mass is moved to x3 = .75 m. Find the speed of the mass at that point.

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    PART a.
    Step 1.
    The first step of a solution is a careful observation of a diagram of the event. Observe ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram showing parameters and integrals.

    Step 2.
    The element dU of work done by the force F moving through element dx of the ...

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    The integration is used to find the work done between limits. In a step by step solution, the problem is explained and solved.