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    Frequency, Amplitude, Mass

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    A spring of force constant 4.0 N/m oscillates with a period of 1.0 sec. with a particular mass m attached. A total energy of 0.130 J is put into the spring-mass system. What is the frequency of the motion? Find the amplitude of the motion. Find the value of the mass, m. What is the speed of the mass when its displacement is 15.0 cm?

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    If the spring is stretched or compressed a small distance from its equilibrium position, the spring will exert a force on the body given by Hooke's Law, namely

    F = -k x

    where F is known as the spring force. Here the k is the constant of proportionality, known as the spring constant, and x is the displacement of the body from its equilibrium position.

    it is also given by, F = -k (x2 - x1)
    Where x1 is the initial position and x2 is the final position.

    If a mass ...

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