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Dynamics: Block attached to spring on incline with friction

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4. A Constant force F is applied to a body of weight W resting on an inclined surface which the coefficient of friction is The body is restrained by a spring having a spring constant of K. Compute the velocity of the body in terms of F and other parameters that are given when the body has moved from rest a distance up the incline of 3/28. Initially the spring is compressed a distance of 8.

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Here the velocity of the body can easily be determined using work energy rule which says that the net work done on the body is equal to increase in its energy.

The work is done on the body are
1. By the force F applied up the incline (positive)
2. Against the friction force (negative)

The work done by the force F is given by ...

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A block attached to spring placed on an incline with friction and a force is applied. The velocity at specific extension is calculated.

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