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Magnetic Fields and Forces.

1)/2)/3) I have the Mag field B, the charge q, and the velocity v.
To find the force I cross q*v with B.

4)I have the current I, the Mag field B, with the field in the x-z plane. I find the force using B = F/(I*l)?

5)I have the area A, length l, voltage V, resistivity (rho)and Mag field B.
R = (rho)*l/A. I can find the torque by t = uXB or t = NIAB. Do I manipulate some variables to find the number of loops based off the Area and length?

6) I have the velocity v, radius r, charge q, and mass m. I can find the strength of the Mag Field using qvB=mv^2/r

7)Not sure how to use the number of turns to find the current here...


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Force will act only on portion of segment along - x axis. Portion of wire 7.2 m long parallel to the magnetic field will have no force acting on it. Net force is the force which is acting on segment that is 6.0 m along - x axis.

F = BiL sinx ( x = 90 degree, B is along positive z axis and L is parallel to x ...

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