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Speed of a plane with respect to another plane

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Two planes A and B are flying side by side at a constant speed of 900km/h. Maintaining this speed, plane A begins to travel along the spiral path r = (1500*theta) km, where theta is in radians, whereas plane B continues to fly in a straight line. Determine the speed of plane A with respect to plane B when r=750km.

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This solution is provided in 185 words and details how speed can be determined using an equation for spiral path. A .gif file is attached with a diagram to help understanding of the problem dynamics.

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Initially the two planes are travelling in the same direction with constant speed 900km/hr. That is Va = Vb = 900km/hr

Now, plane A begins to move in a spiral path defined by,

r = 1500*theta km

at r = 750Km, theta = 750/1500 = ...

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