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    Momentum concepts

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    Why is it difficult for a fire-fighter to hold a hose that ejects large amounts of water at high speed?

    If an 18-wheeler hit Geo (small car) at equal speeds in a head-on collision: Which vehicle will experience the greatest ...

    force of impact?
    change in momentum?

    A billiard ball will stop when it collides head-on with another ball at rest. But will not stop if the collision is not exactly head-on but at an angle.

    Explain why in term of momentum.

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    There are two bodies interacting here, the firefighter's hand (mass m1) and the hose (mass m2). Because the hose is ejecting water at very high speed (velocity v2), the momentum of the system gets disturbs. As a result, the firefighetrs hand experiences a backward velocity v2 to balance the forward momentum, according to the momentum balance ...

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