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    Length contraction and time dilation atr small velocities

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    1) The distance from New York to Los Angeles is about 5000 km and should take about 50 h in a car driving at 100 km/h.
    a) How much shorter than 5000 km is the distance according to the car travelers?
    b) How much less than 50 h do they age during the trip?

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    The distance is given by:

    L_car = L/gamma(v)

    where L = 5000 km is the distance according to an observer at rest (the so-called proper distance), L_car is the distance according to the observer in the car and gamma(v) is the gamma factor:

    gamma(v) = 1/sqrt(1 - v^2/c^2)

    We thus ...

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    We explain how to compute the length contraction and time dilation. At small velocities, you have to deal with numerical errors, an expansion of the gamma factor must be used.