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For each region shown below a - g, draw a section of a position versus time graph that corresponds to the regions written description (a) - (g). Assume that moving to the right is AWAY from the starting point and moving to the left is TOWARDS the starting point.

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The expert examines the kinematics for position versus time graphing. The step by step solution provided.

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We know that: i) slope of the position time graph at any given instant represents the velocity of the object at that instant, ii) the magnitude of the slope represents the speed and sign (+ or -) represents the direction of motion (i.e. +ve slope implies object is moving towards right and -ve slope implies object is moving towards left).
a) As the woman stood still (at the starting point), her displacement with respect to the starting point (origin) is zero. Hence, for the duration a, x = 0. This is plotted on the graph here under.

0 a b c d e f g t
b) The woman starts moving faster and faster towards the ...

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