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Car moves over the arc of a bridge. Find the maximum speed; force bridge exerts.

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On a country road, a car whose mass is 1800 kg drives over a bridge which forms a circular arc whose radius is 80 meters.

PART a. Find the maximum speed of the car at the highest point of the bridge, in order that the car barely remains in contact.

PART b. If the speed of the car at the highest point is 21 m/sec, find the normal force the bridge exerts on the car.

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In a step by step solution, the problems are explained and solved. The cars which move over the arc of the bridge are examined. The maximum speed is computed.

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Step 1.
A diagram of the moving car at the highest point of the bridge should include two forces on the car; the force of gravity, M g downward toward the center of the arc, and the normal force N, upward away from the ...

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